Creativity + Experience + Technology + Lean Operations = ROI

“We Speak Your Language” is more than just an empty slogan. It’s how we do business.



Media II was founded on creativity. Over time, creative graphics and words grew to creative strategies and tactics to solve marketing objectives. Our creativity remains a foundation of effective brand-building programs, new product introductions, sales channel development and support, website and inbound/outbound initiatives and more.

What’s in it for you? Creative ideas for better brand awareness of your company and its products/services through integrated marketing strategies. Of course, creative graphics and words are still a foundation of excellence.


For over 30 years, Media II has prospered by learning the needs and markets of our B2B clients. Packaging, motion control, electronics engineering, medical, industrial distribution, factory automation and software…are just a sample of the clients we cut our teeth on.

What’s in it for you? That industry and market experience reduces the learning curve needed to hit the ground running. No tedious back and forth. Less education. We know how to get it done the first time. This experience lets us reduce your costs while optimizing results.


Media II has always been an early adopter of technology. We see how technology in our business can reduce production costs, improve quality and speed project development for clients.

What’s in it for you? We continue to invest in technology to lower costs while providing our clients with creative tactical support, such as live streaming feeds, QR codes, advanced search engine optimization tools, integrated outbound marketing, social media communications and more.

Lean Operations

Like many of our clients, Media II is schooled in Lean Operations. We provide a flat organizational structure for improved efficiency, responsiveness and cost savings for our clients. Unlike other agencies with cumbersome top-down structured hierarchy with many layers, our flat organization is streamlined. Media II employees hear the clear voice of the client, rather than messages going through various management layers.

What’s in it for you? On-target results, speed of response and lower costs. What’s in it for us? A long-term partnership with continued loyalty.


We are committed to improving your communications ROI. We develop efficient strategies and tactics to meet your budget requirements, while ensuring your communications goals are met.

What’s in it for you? A valued partner that you can rely on to create and manage marketing communications that speaks your language.