Internet of Things. The Coming Revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept where products can be controlled through the Internet using well-known technologies such as smart phones, pads and computers. Soon, Internet of Things will offer users the ability to interact with nearly every product, equipment and devices they interact with.

For example, your refrigerator will let you know when you are running low on eggs, or the expiration date of milk. It then adds eggs and milk to grocery list on your phone, or send this information to your grocery store. Continue reading

Protect Your Company’s Valuable Asset: ®

What does aspirin, cellophane, dry ice, escalator, flip phone, kerosene, lanolin, laundromat, thermos, trampoline and videotape have in common? All of these popular terms lost their registered trademark status and became generic terms due to misuse.

One of our important services we provide to clients is trademark management/usage for various projects including websites, email, literature, PR, trade show graphics and other promotional materials. It is a value-add to help them protect their trademarks through correct and consist usage. The guidelines below can be used by any company to protect and optimize their trademarks. Continue reading

Why Should Anyone Work at Your Company?


A new book from Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones stresses that manufacturing companies must re-invent themselves as places where the best people want to strut their stuff. Their book, “Why Should Anyone Work Here?” offers guidance on making that happen.

We live in a fast changing world. Old assumptions are questioned on a daily basis. Continue reading

What Your Competitors’ Are Using Against You


Benchmark Research. Ongoing Information to:
– Detect Competitive Threats, Market Shifts and New Opportunities
– Continually Measure Your ProgressHow do you get market feedback? How often do analyze trends? Been surprised by a competitive threat or market shift? What is your company’s reputation in the marketplace? Continue reading

Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector Goes Flat


Social media can’t compete with other resources for researching work-related purchases. Engineers consistently report that using methods such as general search engines, online catalogs, word of mouth and supplier websites is more efficient than social for researching work-related purposes. Social media has its place as an influencer in the industrial sector, but it isn’t the engineer’s go-to digital resource for work. Continue reading

Control System Integrator Digital Marketing Performance Gets a Failing Grade


Many industrial/manufacturing industries lag behind in their adoption of modern digital marketing practices, largely due to target demographics that have been slow to embrace social media and mobile computing. However, with digital trends accelerating and workforce demographics rapidly changing, businesses are being forced to adapt quickly. Continue reading

25 Game-Changing Hard Trends That Will Create Disruption and Opportunity

Consulting Crystal Ball for Future of Earth

No matter what industry you’re in, your company can’t survive without technology. From smart phones and tablets to mobile apps and cloud-based technology, there’s a plethora of technological advancements not only to keep track of, but also to profit from. To stay competitive, your organization needs to anticipate the most significant technology trends that are shaping your business and changing your customer, and then develop innovative ways to use them to your advantage, both inside and outside of your organization. Remember, if it can be done, it will be done. If you don’t use these technologies to create a competitive advantage, someone else will. Continue reading