How to Build Bridges Between Sales and Marketing for Better Results

Bridge Building Horiz

Sometimes, marketing people don’t understand sales people. And sales people don’t understand marketing. I’ve heard marketing people say sales is arrogant and lazy and ignores marketing’s efforts. Likewise, I’ve heard sales people opine that marketing is irresponsible and irrelevant. They never get anything useful from marketing. Continue reading

How to Optimize Sales and Marketing Effectiveness


Over the years I’ve seen some clients achieve great market share and profit results when sales and marketing work together. And, I’ve had other clients suffer less than stellar results when sales and marketing don’t work together. These under performing companies lack a shared vision and teamwork. Continue reading

What Your Competitors’ Are Using Against You


Benchmark Research. Ongoing Information to:
– Detect Competitive Threats, Market Shifts and New Opportunities
– Continually Measure Your ProgressHow do you get market feedback? How often do analyze trends? Been surprised by a competitive threat or market shift? What is your company’s reputation in the marketplace? Continue reading

Control System Integrator Digital Marketing Performance Gets a Failing Grade


Many industrial/manufacturing industries lag behind in their adoption of modern digital marketing practices, largely due to target demographics that have been slow to embrace social media and mobile computing. However, with digital trends accelerating and workforce demographics rapidly changing, businesses are being forced to adapt quickly. Continue reading

New Research Shows Engineers Under Increasing Pressure


The pace of engineering is accelerating, designs are becoming more complex at the same time that design cycles are shrinking, and time-to-market pressures are increasing. If that sounds like a challenging work environment, welcome to the life of today’s engineer.

These are just a few of the key takeaways gleaned from new research conducted by IHS Engineering360 and presented in the new, complimentary research report The Pulse of Engineering: The Changing Work Environment for Engineers Today. Continue reading

How to Be Great Marketing Manager. Lessons from Great Coaches

In my career, I have worked with some brilliant marketing managers, and a few that were dim blubs. Brilliant managers add value to their organizations through measureable results based knowledge, creativity, teamwork and sheer determination. They are enthused, confident, driven … Continue reading