Why Email Marketing is a Smart Idea to Help Your Business Grow


Today’s marketers need to do more with less. They need to connect with their audience in a highly personalized way, while staying on budget. Marketers that can do this – connect with their prospects and customers in a highly targeted way – will be successful in delivering ROI and revenue back to the business. Continue reading

Internet of Things. The Coming Revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept where products can be controlled through the Internet using well-known technologies such as smart phones, pads and computers. Soon, Internet of Things will offer users the ability to interact with nearly every product, equipment and devices they interact with.

For example, your refrigerator will let you know when you are running low on eggs, or the expiration date of milk. It then adds eggs and milk to grocery list on your phone, or send this information to your grocery store. Continue reading

20 Predictions for 2016

I read Dana Severson’s, Director of Marketing at Promoter.io, and a sucker for annual predictions. He and his followers have suggested preposterous theories grounded in absolutely zero fact or logic. We added to the list. It’s a time to look ahead with unquestionable positivity and make some bold bets on what the future has in store. Continue reading

Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector Goes Flat


Social media can’t compete with other resources for researching work-related purchases. Engineers consistently report that using methods such as general search engines, online catalogs, word of mouth and supplier websites is more efficient than social for researching work-related purposes. Social media has its place as an influencer in the industrial sector, but it isn’t the engineer’s go-to digital resource for work. Continue reading

MediaMate Mobile Website Conversion Tool Featured in Crain’s Cleveland Business

MediaMate mobile website conversion tool powered by Media II has been featured in Crain’s Cleveland Business as a complete mobile website solution capable of conveniently reconfiguring your existing corporate website into a mobile-friendly one. To view the featured article Click Here … Continue reading